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The new model UAZ Hunter combines a classical military style with modern refinement. It is a real bend of Russian character and go-getting force and comfort and care of passengers. Main features:
Fuel efficiency
Comfortable Interior
Upgraded suspension
New drivetrain
Seating and load carrying capacity
UAZ Hunter will take a good care of you and your passengers. It has a unique combination of the off-road capability of a military tank and comfort of a city car. Trip to the countryside will never be a mess but fun and pleasant driving experience. UAZ Hunter is your freedom. It maintains excellent off-road capability and agreeable temper.

A new Russian off-roader Simbir, intended for driving on all kinds of roads, designed on a long wheelbase (2760mm), increased load carrying and seating capacity. The extension of the wheelbase of UAZ Simbir vehicle family has improved its road-holding ability and gear smoothness. Simbir is a large full-sized sports utility vehicle with excellent body proportions enlarged passenger interior. Passengers feels comfortable and cosy. The enlarged rear door and the modified adjustment of the rear three-passenger seat make it more comfortable for the passenger to get in and out. The comfortable front seats have all the standard adjustments:
longitudinal moving
backrest incline angle
lumbar support

The rear three-passenger seat can be folded to increase the capacity of the luggage compartment. The rear and the front seats can be transformed for sleeping. Also the two-passenger rear seats in the luggage compartment can be accessed through the rear door. UAZ Simbir vehicles are powered by petrol fuel injection engines produced by Zavolzhsky Engine Plant (ZMZ). In 2002 UAZ Simbir became the winner of the Russian National Contest «Hundred Best Products of Russia»

UAZ Technical Information

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